Sekwanele : Enough is Enough! is Zingela Ulwazi’s self defence program for women and girls. As co-founder of the program, I collaborated with the women to create these images, to celebrate the power and beauty emerging from their deliberate reclamation of their culture from the patriarchal stranglehold.

Co-founder and Coach Quentan Marule
Marlena Lubisi, Coach-in-Training
Coach Winnie Shongwe
Co-founder and Coach Quentan Marule
Marlena Lubisi (foreground) and Coach Winnie Shongwe
Mavis Lukele
Co-founder Lillian Marule, Manager of The Centre for Women’s Independence
The shoot : photo by Dillon Long


The pharmacy in the small bushveld town I’ve been living in helped me as my mother was transitioning. I was so grateful to Faith and her colleagues.

Faith : Medicine Woman, Hoedspruit, Limpopo Province, September 2021

Working together to heal and build

PERMACULTURE EXPLORERS : a course for women in permaculture, small business development and stress relief skills, presented by Zingela Ulwazi.

Masked and Unmasked, Acornhoek, Mpumalanga, 2021

A collaboration with the women participating in Permaculture Explorers in Orpen Gate Village Village, Acornhoek, Mpumalanga. A celebration of the beauty of the women in our program.

Allahu Akbar!

A Sufi journey in Australia

Dhikr, June 2009, Melbourne, Australia. Naqshbandi Tariqa

Dhikr with Sheikh Abdul Wahid