3. Green is the colour that grows beneath the tar

30cm x 20.5cm, Embroidery silk on calico, acryllic and watercolour paint

This work explores the dichotomy of living in a Country where contemporary urban modernity lies within accessible reach of a primal archetypal landscape : the dichotomy of a combustible urban metropole that will eventually consume the final remnants of a vital, surviving but threatened paradise. It is obvious to contemplate how the human will survive in a future that will define itself by destruction of the wilderness.

The medium of embroidery enables me to lovingly dwell with the infintely complex life forms of beings of nature, working and reworking the stitching until I feel I have located the wonder of their form amidst the interplay of the mystery.

What catalysed this work was the profound poetry of walking down a city road and witnessing how a plant will push its way through the tar. I imagine that this was possible because a bird had consumed a seed, and then passed it through its alimentary canal and deposited it on the insubmissable concrete. This is the miracle that I was chasing in the work.